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Using RFID To Insure Quality


Truck Approaching Ramp

SupHerb Farms is a grower, processor and marketer of culinary herbs and specialty products. As such, maintaining a high standard of product quality and safety is a primary objective. To achieve this objective requires the ability to track raw materials from the harvest to final pack out. While manual procedures were already in use, they wanted to improve overall productivity and accuracy through automation. They called upon Marymonte Systems to analyze their needs and to suggest a solution that would take advantage of the current state of technology.


Opportunities and Objectives

The Solution

Applying RFID Tag To Each Trailer
SupHerb Farms RFID Tag On Trailer

The process begins by applying an RFID tag mounted in a watertight case to the side of each trailer. The tags are bolted to the trailer frame and are designed to survive harsh weather conditions. Once painted the tags are nearly invisible. Unlike barcodes, the RFID tag is not affected by dirt nor susceptible to incidental damage. Each tag is programmed with a an ID identifying the specific load (in this case, 404). This allows each load of product to be monitored as it arrives at the final transfer to production.



Automatically Tracking Raw Material

From Point Of Harvest....
SupHerb Farms Scale Screen Shot

As trailers of product are received at the plant, detailed data is collected about the point of harvest. In addition to the specific farm, field and cut, the system also tracks the date and time the harvest was started, when the harvest was completed and when the trailer left the field. This provides valuable insight into the overall harvesting and transportation process.


To The Processing Plant....
SupHerb Farms Truck And Reader

Once trailers of product are received at the plant, they are monitored as they are unloaded into processing. As the loads are brought to the unloading point, they pass by a fixed mount RFID reader station. The RFID tags are automatically read to identify the next load to be dumped. Once a load has been dumped, the system also tracks its final tare weight. Thus the exact net weight of the raw materials is obtained. At this point, the tracking of the raw material handling is complete and the next phase of tracking begins.


SupHerb Farms Equipment Box



The reader and antenna are housed in a harsh-environment proof box to survive all weather conditions. The equipment selected by Marymonte Systems is capable of scanning the RFID tags through the closed box door and across a range of several feet.








Through Finished Goods Packaging....

SupHerb Farms Apron With Product

Once the raw materials have been dumped, the system begins tracking its progress to finished goods packaging. Real time sensors monitor the movement of the product and track the specific processing path taken. Each load of raw materials is thus related to specific finished goods lot codes.

Each load is also correlated to specific QC sampling data based on the QC sampling date/time stamp and the real time tracking of the load by the system. Key micro data is automatically imported from the QC database and related to specific loads.


Mission Accomplished:
Quality and Full Traceability

Using RFID technology, SupHerb Farms now has the information they require to meet their objectives of high quality and food safety.


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