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Case Study: Lucky Fish Logo
An Innovative RFID Application


Lucky Fish EntranceInnovative Dinning Group operates the very successful and upscale Katana and Robata, Sushi Roku and BOA Steakhouse restaurants. They decided to open a new chain of restaurants that live up to their name "Innovative". They wanted to create a unique and high quality sushi dining experience for their partons. To do this they decided to open a Kaiten sushi restaurant where the food passes along a conveyor allowing the patrons to view and select their dishes. They knew that key to thier success would be maintaining food freshness while minimizing costly waste. They turned to Marymonte Systems for a solution to this need.

Opportunities and Objectives

The Solution

Identifying Every Plate
Sushi Plates And RFID TagsThe process begins by applying an RFID tag mounted in a watertight case to the bottom of each plate as shown in the photo. A food grade high-temp adhesive is used to insure the tag will survive the rigors of normal plate washing and handling. Each plate tag is programmed with a unique ID to allow the plate to be tracked as it moves around the conveyor. Each plate is also assigned a "category". At Lucky Fish, the plate's category is its color - which is used to determine the plate price by the patrons.


Flexible Operating Modes
The system was designed with the operating efficiency of the chefs in mind. To that end, two operating modes were developed.

Lucky Fish Conveyor

The Basic System manages the age of plates on the conveyor while requiring no additional effort on the part of the chefs- ideal for extremely busy operations. In this mode, the chefs simply prepare the plates and place them on the conveyor. The system automatically detects the new plates and begins tracking their age as they travel around the conveyor. While the exact item on the plate is unknown, the system does track the "category" of each plate (which is the plate color at Lucky Fish, as discussed above).


Lucky Fish Selection Screen

The Enhanced System allows for detailed data collection but does require a small amount of additional effort by the chefs. In this mode, an antenna is incorporated into each cutting station. The system accomodates up to 3 cutting stations (although more can be added if required). As plates are prepared, the item being created at the cutting station is selected from a touch screen PC. One PC controls all 3 cutting stations. Once the item is selected, the chef is free to create as many plates of that item as desired. Before placing the plate on the conveyor, the chef simply passes the plate over the cutting station antenna so the PC can read the plate ID and assign the item to the plate. A status LED on the antenna blinks green to indicate to the chef that the plate was succesfully read and is ready for placement on the conveyor.


Scanning Every Plate
Antenna And Diverter

Regardless of the operating mode, the system scans every plate as it travels around the conveyor. When a plate reaches its maximum age, it is diverted off the conveyor automatically. This insures both freshness and safety while requiring no additiona labor costs!



A Gold Mine Of Information

Collecting real time data as plates are tracked on the conveyor, the system provides valuable information that can be used to optimize profits and improve the customer's experience.


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